The Cast

Photos by Evelyn Tan | Swan Christian College

Tom Carlson
Peter Hempsell
Steve Vagg
Troy Pedrochi
Jordan Little
Rohan Baran
Micheal Sampson
Matthew Vernon
Simon Van Wees
Jayden Carvosso
Mark Barnard
Paul Jenkin
Wayne Hambrook
Keagan Goldhawk
James Milgate

Professional Cast and Crew

Anyman The story of addiction - Director - Professional Cast Woman
Jane Hille – Artistic Director
              – Script writer
Fenceline Theatre Company is Swan Christian College’s school-based theatre that operates under the premise of creating ‘space for students to create’. The theatre company under the leadership of Jane Hille provides students and alumni with the opportunity to gain professional theatre experience. Fenceline Theatre provided the stage for the very first performance of ANYMAN which had its premiere in Swan Christian College’s Maali Mia Theatre.
Flynn Voight
Zac Holmes
Sharni Andersson
John Saxon
Andrew Matthews
Michael Bazeley
Cherie Mongony
Anyman Performance Shot 4 - Cast of performance posing for shot on stage
Anyman The story of addiction - Performance Shot 5 - Cast of male performers posing for shot on stage
Anyman The story of addiction - Performance Shot 6 - Professional Cast posing for photo on stage
Anyman Performance Shot 2 - Many men reaching to sky on scaffold
Anyman Performance Shot 3 - Many men on scaffold stage standing in formation looking at ground
Anyman Cover Logo Performers standing looking down with lights shining from behind


I personally (Peter Lyndon-James) would like to thank Swan Christian College, Jane Hille (Artistic Director), Fenceline Theatre Company, Evelyn Tan (Photography) and the cast and crew for all their efforts in bringing the ANYMAN play and the story of addiction to life. It is exciting to see the positive impact that this play has had and  will have in the lives of so many people and i honor them for being a part of it, without them it would not have been possible.