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Anyman - 2018 Fringe World Winner
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The man behind it

“ ..if someone had helped me, I wouldn’t have had to endure 26 years of darkness.. “

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Anyman is life changing.


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The Cast

19 of these men have tackled drug addiction head on, they know what its like to be consumed by its darkness.


This is the story of THEIR lives.


“My hope is that this play will have an impact, that people will see it and begin to question the way that we have been handling this problem so far. That we can begin to see the addiction for what it is and take steps together to bring help and restoration to the addict.”
  – Peter Lyndon-James


I personally (Peter Lyndon-James) would like to thank Swan Christian College, Jane Hille (Artistic Director), Fenceline Theatre Company, Evelyn Tan (Photography) and the cast and crew for all their efforts in bringing the ANYMAN play and the story of addiction to life. It is exciting to see the positive impact that this play has had and  will have in the lives of so many people and i honor them for being a part of it, without them it would not have been possible.