The Anyman Production

Peter Lyndon-James in conjunction with Fenceline Theatre Company presents ANYMAN, the story of addiction told from the perspective of men in rehabilitation.

This play is raw, touching and real. It looks at the stages of addiction, at where and when intervention can take place, and what is needed to help an addict make the choice to help himself.

Although the play presents the story of addiction, encapsulated within that is the story of hope and triumph and the restoration of the lives and families affected by addiction.


About Shalom House

Shalom House is a men’s residential rehabilitation centre located in the Swan Valley. Their focus is on bringing restoration to the lives of men and families in our community. They are a holistic rehabilitation program bringing restoration to all area of the residents’ lives, including finances, relationships, heart issues, employment, education and training.

About the Fenceline Theatre Company

Fenceline Theatre Company is Swan Christian College’s school-based theatre company that operates under the premise of creating ‘space for students to create’. This collaboration with Shalom House involves our alumni and presents them with the opportunity to be involved in original contemporary community theatre that shares an important message to the community for awareness and social change.



I personally (Peter Lyndon-James) would like to thank Swan Christian College, Jane Hille (Artistic Director), Fenceline Theatre Company, Evelyn Tan (Photography) and the cast and crew for all their efforts in bringing the ANYMAN play and the story of addiction to life. It is exciting to see the positive impact that this play has had and  will have in the lives of so many people and i honor them for being a part of it, without them it would not have been possible.